The series of encaustic paintings delves into the issue of barriers. Through the use of texture, color, and composition, these pieces explore both physical and emotional barriers. The encaustic medium adds depth and complexity to the paintings, which range from bold and expressive to subtle and understated. Each piece captures a different aspect of the theme, ranging from the barriers between people and nations to the barriers within ourselves. Overall, this series of paintings challenges viewers to confront the barriers in their own lives and the world around them.

All paintings are 16”x20”x3/4” on Clayboard panels

Where Speed Sleeps, 2023
Wild Fury, 2023
Hurdles and Roadblocks, 2023
Failure, 2023
The Walls Within, 2021
Breakthrough, 2021
Down the Middle, 2022
Obstacle Course, 2021
The Illusion of Control, 2022
 Boundless Potential, 2021 (private collection)
Fortress of Isolation, 2021
Breach, 2020 (Private collection)