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Bob Rizzo, Shrines, Icons and Spirits, Newport Art Museum, Newport RI, 2008

"...He’s also found a highly personal means of expression — a series of rough-hewn figurative sculptures that incorporate “found objects” such as toys, coins, shells and even bits of cast-off furniture and cabinetry. At once old and new, they draw on sources as diverse as African totem figures, pre-Columbian carvings and Hopi kachina dolls." -Bill Van Siclen, Providence Journal,  July, 2008

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HEMEROCALLIS GLADIOLUS #80, a series (Daylily Gladiolus)

Recent Work

Hemerocallis Gladiolus - a series of paintings created using flowers & plants from my garden.

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HEMEROCALLIS GLADIOLUS #73, a series (Daylily Gladiolus)