Bob Rizzo

40 page catalog of selected works

Folks I hope you’ll check out.

Jessica Hagen Fine Art, Newport, Rhode Island

Michael Cochran
Visual artist & educator, maker of exquisite objects

Kobo Gallery, Savannah, GA

Ben Allison


Mark Soskin
Composer/Jazz pianist

Cecil Touchon
Collages/non-objective paintings and so much more

Collage Museum
A project of Cecil Touchon

Jonathan Talbot
Painter, Printmaker, and Collage Artist

Rand African Art
A great resource for collectors of African art

Roland Vazquez

Composer, Drummer, & Clinician, Afro Latin Chamber Jazz.

Susan Botti

Solomon Murungu
Musician, Mbira teacher, Shona guide

Kendra Shank
Vocalist Extraordinare

Howie Sneider
RI Artist/collaborator