For years I have been trying to develop a distinct way of seeing, a refined line of sight down my ever-evolving path of art making. My journey has led me to explore what it is that infuses everyday objects with magic and, along the way, I have accumulated many objects that find their way into my artworks. I have come to believe that the things we collect actually desire to be collected.

Inspired and influenced by the rituals and ritual objects used by Shaman throughout the world, I’m always searching to better understand their knowledge of and ability to communicate with the spirit world. I'm curious about the “mystical” side of life, or the idea that there is much we don't know or understand. I’m especially interested in how mysticism, and the power of objects, is demonstrated in tribal art. Why are certain objects combined? Why are some pieces covered in dried blood, oils, feathers, or furs?

One of my daily rituals is to walk and when I walk I collect things -- it is a practice that forces me to focus and helps me connect with my surroundings. Creating an artwork is also a bit of a ritual for me, a way of remembering by combining totally disconnected objects to create a completely new story, making very conscious decisions about one attachment to another. I find it interesting and endearing that some people who own my artwork actually add personal items to the pieces.